May 10, 2015

10 Things You Should Never Say

Happy World Lupus Month
I hope that the more people know about Lupus, the more people can get tested, and the more people can get helped quickly. I don't know Lupus better than you, but I just want to share what I knew and what I experienced with Lupus suffer. I did mention this 10 things to someone suffer from Lupus, and I just want you to not do the same thing. And maybe, somehow, it can helps you to understand your friend or family who suffers from Lupus. My purpose is to bring the knowledge so we can understand them (Lupus Suffer) better. That's all they need. 

Here, 10 things that you have to think twice or maybe better to not mention to people who suffer with Lupus:

1. It's all about your mind. If you think you are sick, then you'll be sick. Try to be more positive about your self.
The sickness is in their blood. In their immune system. Even they have the most positive mind, it doesn't change their condition with lupus. 

2. My best friends cousin has Lupus and she's doing great or my best friend's cousin passed away from Lupus.
Lupus is a chronic desease. It affects everyone differently. And you cannot compare one to another. They are dying everyday. They are fighting everytime. The thought to die one day because of this disease is the worst thing. So, it's better to not mention that.

3. But you don't look sick, so it can't be that bad.
This is the most frustrating comment for the people with Lupus. They feel the pain so real in their body but people cannot see the pain. 

4. Maybe you have to do more exercise so you're not always feeling sick.
They are sick. That's the only reason why they always feeling sick. Nothing to do with exercise. Even minimal activity can cause flare up.

5. You're over exaggerating. It could be a lot worse.
The pain is unbearable for people who suffer with Lupus. Please, believe then when they said they are in pain and sick. They just try to explain what they feel. That's it.

6. You don't get out enough
Do you know the sun is dangerous for people with Lupus? They are not allowed in the sun. Some medication forbid them to be in the sun. The sun causes flare-up and condition to worsen.

7. You don't believe how tired I am
People with Lupus always feeling tired. They can't even do what they plan because this sicken so unpredictable. In knowing that Lupus is unpredictable may help other people understand their physical and emotional ups and downs as well as the changes that they may have to make to schedules, plans, and commitments.

8. Have you lost/gained weight? 
One drug called Prednisolone can puts pounds on for no reason. Some people with Lupus are getting so much weight because of this medicine. But they have no choice than taking this drug over years.

9. You have so many bruises. Is everything ok?
Yes, they are trying to be ok. Many of them take medications that cause skin to thin, which allows for easy bruising.

10. What's that on your face?
Some people with Lupus got skin rashes. The most common is the butterfly-shaped rash that appears on the faces. If you do know about Lupus, sure, you can wonder what it is. But, don't you dare ask about it. Even if it wasn't a mark of Lupus, that is a personal question that shouldn't be asked. Especially if you don't know the person very well.