September 19, 2013

.. capture her smile

You know what keeps me fighting?
Is that i know that even though no one else is here, 
no one else cares, no one else loves me, I know you do. 
I have a sister, a soul mate that knows me, loves me, cares for me and would do anything to help me get better especially every time i have been hurt.
When I remember that you are here, I feel a little bit stronger, i have more faith in my life now than ever before, because our friendship is a gift from GOD, and i never want to loose that.


You know one thing that make me always wanna to fight?
Everytime i remember your smile.
I capture in my heart.
I will always remember, who you are.
The person inside.
And the vision in the future.
I capture it and pray, and I will fight.
We will fight together.
Love you, always.

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