July 16, 2013

I Remember this..

She said this:

What a beautiful day today is, Sun is shining, beautiful cool breeze, i have been blessed with another day. 
A new start, a new beginning, no need to worry about yesterday, yesterday is gone, no need to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow isn't here yet, live in THIS moment, make it count, LOVE everybody, forgive one another, dont live with regret or hate, fill your heart with love and happiness, everything happens for a reason, what ever happens in life use the tools provided by HIM and work through it, be thankful for all things in your life.

I'm blessed to have such amazing support, my family, mum, dad, jenny, cathy, jessica, phia, usman, brod, themeli, lionel, and the babies, raya, mazi, layla and our new addition baby ruby, love you all. 
My family are my rock, they hold me together, even though we have our lil ups and downs, hehehe... 
My sisters are the glue, and mum and dad are my rock, Mum a truly kind loving,fun, never a dull moment, i love you, dad, sometimes fun, always loving, our backbone.. Love you so much..

I have also been blessed with amazing friends new and old, thank you, krista, nat, marcia, jane, sally, you guys are awesome, thank you for the support, thank you for times of sharing, and prayers..

But i'm very thankful for this one person, that showed me what a true friendship is, how much love 2 friends can have with each other, and still have boundaries. This person has helped me through some of the darkest days of my life, and i dont know how to even begin to explain what an amazing thing she has done for me, she took me from the darkness and showed me the way to the light, made me realise the mistakes that i have been making, and how to correct them, thank you. Maya you are truly an amazing person, thank you for your love and friendship, love you.

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