May 02, 2011

A Fresh Start

Dear Friends

This time, i wanna try writing in English. 
Forgive me if i did mistakes in grammar (you have to).
For the last two days, i was in Jogjakarta for an Alumni Gathering. I met new people with a variety of background. Knowing new people (Tifta, Lutfi, Audy, Jessica, Leona, etc), listening the seminar from Ms. Arie Arumwardhani, and then taking one night with one of my friend. And all of them, were a good experiences for me.

I was in the Adi Sutjipto Airport in Jogjakarta, when i begun to think and write this.

"What it would be like if there is no other chance for someone who ever failed??"

I have a friend, who ever made a big mistake in her whole life with have a baby out of marriage. And the big problem is, that the man can not marry her because of he is a husband of the other woman. Surely, she made a big mistake. Yes, she did.  But Could you know this girl teaches me a lot with her story?? The truth about God’s loves that changing someone’s life. How God teach a girl like her to think deeply about the meaning of life, the truth of happiness, the way to run well her life, and feel the power of God’s Love in her life. And that was an absolutely amazing!!

In fact, we are all learning from the experience. And the most of the powerful experience about life coming from our mistake, or someone mistake.
All of us always wish the good ones for everything in our life. We are ready for the good ones, but we never be ready for the bad ones. It causes when the bad things happen, we need much time to rise up again. We need a lot of energy to continue our journey. And the most terrible thing is some people spent so much time living in repentance of their mistake.  
It takes a long time to accept it as a blessing for doing the right ones in the future.
A chance to learn more about life, love and the other mystery.
A lesson to think deeply how being a good person day by day.

'Could have done better' is not always an easy decision to live with. Deep down many of us would like another go at life. Much may need forgiving, consequences of past sins sorted out, but every day we can start again.
Paul recounted how Jesus had said to him, 'Now get up and stand on your feet. I am sending you to open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified.'

Tell everyone that you meet..
Tell everyone who are talking with you..
They can have a fresh start, past forgiven, power for the future and a guaranteed party at the end.

"Tell everyone they can have a fresh start, past forgiven, power for the future and a guaranteed party at the end"

We can start again..

Thanks my friend. You blessed me with your experience!

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