October 22, 2010

Everything is Beautiful


Hi guys,,,
I just wanna share to you about one of my favourite song, called “Everything is Beautiful”. Nice title, don’t you think so??This song is the soundtrack of the Movie 
Letter to God
I like the movie, especially about the message on it, but actually, I like the soundtrack more than the movie.
The lyrics were a simple, but so deep in reflection. So many times, we’re worried about life, problems, something or someone, and then we are going to give up because we don’t have the ANSWER..We don’t find a SOLUTION..

Everything seem so Bad.. And we think that we can’t dream again..
We think we have Lost everything.. And the Peace is really disappear from our heart
Suddenly,  we Forget all of the good things that ever happened in our lives..
No hope…No dreams..

And this song, tell us that we just need to Remember that Everything was beautiful..
You just need to CLOSE your eyes until we REMEMBER the good thing that ever happened in our life..

So listen to the clip, and reflect if this ever happened to you…

I would not be here tonight, if I had to choose.
It’s always the bigger things in life that seem to choose you.
You can say what you want.
Believe what you will believe, yeah
But I’ll take what I want, and see what I need to see.

When I’m buried in the QUESTIONS, I can’t find the ANSWER.
I close my eyes and LISTEN, ‘till I REMEMBER
Everything was BEAUTIFUL,
Nothing seem to matter
Every day was just another day to DREAM
You can say what you want, and be who you want to be.. yeaah

And you never looked back to the things that you HAD
or the ones that you never NEED.
Buried in the
QUESTIONS, I can’t find the ANSWERS
I close my eyes and LISTEN, ‘till I REMEMBER
Everything is BEAUTIFUL, beautiful

If this is all there is, you can’t wrap your head around it
If somewhere LOVE exists you can wrap your arms around it

Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?

Buried in the QUESTIONS, you can’t find the ANSWER
CLOSE your eyes and LISTEN until you REMEMBER, oooo
You DON’T need the ANSWER
Just CLOSE your eyes and REMEMBER

Everything WAS beautiful
Everything IS beautiful’…here



Marvelouz Life said...

Yang sa suka tuh yg judulnya "My Wish" sa suka musiknya....pas lagu terakhir...

Maya Basoeki said...

My wish lagunya siapa kak??

Marvelouz Life said...

rascal flatts ade...keren banget...